Thursday, May 25, 2006

They can do that!?!

Searching the Congressman's Office:

In the Jefferson case, prosecutors reported that they had already videotaped the congressman bagging a $100,000 bribe and had traced most of the money to a food freezer during a search of his home. It remains to be seen what additional evidence they were searching for in a raid so unnerving to Congress. Federal agents insist that they had "filter" specialists on hand to make sure that sensitive official documents were not compromised.
The House Republican majority leader, John Boehner, denounced the search as an "invasion" by the executive branch that might very well have to be protested to the Supreme Court. Short of that, however, Congressional leaders — who have been all too lackadaisical in policing corruption on their own — would be wise to work out some ground rules with the Justice Department. Otherwise, they risk further embarrassment as the anticorruption investigations proceed.

Well, well, a little worried are we? All of a sudden we see a Republican criticise the treatment of a corrupt Democrat by the authorities.