Sunday, December 31, 2006

Brutal Milestones and Murderous Turning Points

Congratulations freedom fry lovin' democracy builders! Saddam's double has been executed.. finally. That pesky kangaroo court sure took long enough to sentence him to hang. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. Go on, you don't deserve it.

Me, I'm doing cartwheels. Big ol'cartwheels. And heel clicks. This is a great day for freedom and democracy.

Right now, I'm gonna sit back with a well aged whiskey and a panatella. Alright.

So, the ol'Sadders is an ex-brutal ruler. Maybe now the US will think twice before propping up a Dictator? Especially one that's liable to start murdering a heap of people with the chemical weapons you've just sold him. Ha! Not likely.

Intelligent comment can be found here and here.

Apparently, you can find footage of the execution on teh nets. Suh-weet. How good are we?