Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sweet tooth

Those who push the Government's agenda, let's call them conservative pundits (or filthy whores to the devil, if you prefer) are currently doing their best to push the meme that the Iraqi's are choosing Civil War over a neat little stable democracy.

Keep up the good work, pundits. How stupid are Iraqi's? A lot.

Still, the pundits and their gang, the MSM, have a lot to make up for. Apparently, they are to blame for the US completely f*cking up the Iraq invasion by not reporting the atrocious events with a balance of 'success' stories.

Believe it.

Roy Edroso comments:

I guess we could have observed every precaution, and equipped all of our warnings that Iraq was a mistake with a little picture of G.I. Joe giving a chocolate bar to an Arab, thus encouraging conservatives to pay attention. Maybe eventually America will resemble Quebec, with bilingual road signs -- e.g., one might say DANGER: BRIDGE OUT, while the one for conservatives might say SUPPORT OUR TROOPS BY NOTICING THAT THE BRIDGE IS OUT! SEMPER FI! It would be a nuisance, but we're liberals -- we should be kind to retards.

Retards like cake. Don't get between a retard and cake.