Friday, April 25, 2008

The Racial Decide

Know what I think? This article (link below) is part of a push to argue against Obama getting the Dem nomination.

Will Obama fall at an age-old hurdle, despite wooing many whites?

I don't believe Obama can beat McCain (nobody refers to him by his first name as its just too common to be of any value as an identifier), because he's not white. The Dems know this, so do the Repubs, that's why they are pushing for Obama.

The trick is to somehow excuse the Super-Delegates for dicing Obama and supporting Hillary for the nomination despite his greater numbers in the regular delegate count. They can't exactly say they weren't prepared to support him cause he's black i.e. not white. Well, they can, but they'd lose more than a few toes with that shot.

So the 'unelectable meme' will be pumped out and make that sting felt from being a victim of racism, or from the knowledge that your team is perpetuating it, hurt that little bit less.

What's a little welt over an already horrific scar?