Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dead men walking

Well, as they say, it took a woman to do it:

THE woman appointed the nation's first director of military prosecutions to the new Australian Military Court has described the treatment of David Hicks as abominable.

Brigadier Lyn McDade was made director of military prosecutions in July.

Though it did take her 6 months to test the independence of the position, she obviously has a fair pair of ovaries on her.

Ruddock's response is typically devoid of any sincerity:

Asked whether he agreed with Brigadier McDade's view that the treatment of Mr Hicks had been abominable, Mr Ruddock said: "I agree with the Prime Minister, who frequently says numbers of people express themselves in different ways but have the same meaning and intention.

"We believe the delay is very unreasonable and inappropriate, and that's why we've been arguing that [Mr Hicks's case] needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible."

In short, f*ck you, Ruddock. And get that Amnesty pin of your lapel, now!

Hicks has been locked up for such a time, now, that he must be little more than a shell of a man. The parallels with the state of the amoral Ruddock are ironic. The difference being Ruddock had far more autonomy than Hicks in reaching his current state.

Yeah, some consolation.