Wednesday, April 04, 2007

small 'L' gymnastics returns

We can't enforce Hicks gag: Ruddock..

Mr Ruddock said the extraordinary condition had nothing to do with the Federal Government. "It's their agreement," he said. "I didn't seek it. The Australian Government didn't seek it."

Mr Ruddock said he expected the order to be enforced in Australia because it was agreed by the parties in the plea bargain and that agreement was the basis for Hicks being sent home.

But later, speaking on the ABC's Lateline he said that for Australia to agree to an extradition, a charge similar to the one laid overseas must exist under Australian law. "In Australia, we have a position about freedom of speech."

So, first up, it was all 'hey, what can we do but enforce a gag order we didn't ask for blah blah hands tied blah not our rules mcblah'.

*thump* ooh, that had to hurt. A bad fall from the uneven bars.

*sniff* I smell the fear of an unpopular Government skidding (while executing perfect flips followed by spot-on flops) towards a poll.

The coaches grabbed their tube of deep heat and rubbed it in good, then back for the second round with a new routine.


Straight 10's from all the judges!