Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why you break my shitty wall?

Nation of notoriously bad drivers are preparing to take over the World:

The 350 billion yuan ($58 billion) budget is spread around 2.3 million serving personnel requiring better gear and conditions, and an unknown number of pensioners and brigades of retired officers still clinging on to their living quarters, cars, drivers and servants.

But this may be only half or even a quarter of total defence spending, according to estimates by Western think tanks, and does not include purchases of combat equipment.

OK, even assuming the spend figure from the often proven to be completely incorrect 'Western think tanks' (see Iraq etc.), IS correct, the spend is still only half that of the United States of Shock and Awe.

The proposed budget for US spending on 'defense' as per Alternet:

The Department of Energy's "weapons activities" budget request totals $6.4 billion, a drop in the bucket compared to the Pentagon's $481.4 billion proposed budget. But the budget for new nukes is large and growing -- even in comparison to Cold War figures.

It'd be nice if fear mongering articles, such as Gawenda's SMH piece, spread the love a bit. Sure, China's build-up of 'defense' capabilities is a worry, but it is an even greater concern considering the rogue nations that are way ahead of them AND have proven a willingness to utilise their forces in efforts which can hardly be described as defense (unless you're a shill and/or an idiot).

Of course, Reagan ended the Cold War. I understand this is where he first used the phrase "Git'r done".