Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Still bringin' it on, after all these fears.

Twin truck blasts kill 50 in Iraq:

Bomb attacks killed 77 people in Iraq on Tuesday, including 50 who died in twin truck bombings in the north-western town of Tal Afar, police said.

Among other attacks, suspected al-Qaeda militants killed 21 people in bombings targeting police and Sunni Arab tribes who have formed an alliance against the militants, officials said.
Police Brigadier Karim Khalaf al-Jubouri said the bomber lured victims to buy wheat loaded on his truck. A second truck bomb exploded in a used car lot. The attacks wounded 120 people.

Sick mother'uckas.

Of course, Saddam, well, he was worse, don't you know?

And, you know what else? If we didn't facilitate this situation, then they'd be swimming to our shores and killing us and hatin' on our freedoms as they strolled about our neighbourhoods.

1 - Saddam, worse. Would of bombed us in our homes.
2 - Let 'em kill Iraqi's, so they don't kill us (in homes).