Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bloodier Figures

Cole in Salon: Why Bush's Troop Surge Won't Save Iraq:

What the recent publicity about the "success" of the troop surge has ignored is this: The Bush administration has downplayed the collapsing political situation in Iraq by directing the public's attention to fluctuating numbers of civilians killed. While there have been some relative gains in security recently, even there the picture remains dubious. The Iraqi ministry of health, long known for cooking the books, says that a few hundred Iraqis were killed in political violence in November. However, independent observers such as Iraq Body Count cite a much higher number -- some 1,100 civilians killed in Iraq in November. They reported that bombings and assassinations accounted for 63 persons on Saturday, the first day of December, alone. . .

Why on earth would you have even the slightest, teensiest bit of mistrust of the Bush Government?

That's crazy talk.