Friday, March 30, 2007

Strictly Business.. attire

Hicks must persuade judge of his guilt

The Governor-General, Michael Jeffery, yesterday signed the agreement between the US and Australia on the transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

Only the US will be able to pardon Hicks, the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, said.

However, Terry Hicks is flagging his determination to bring a legal challenge.

Australia's sovereignty (via Hicks) is getting absolutely reamed. The irony is it is being signed off by the Queen of England's rep.

As John Clark playing Lex Downer put it on last night's 7:30 Report, "Hicks had to be locked up for 5 years so he could get a fair trial."

Sweet absurdism.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Still bringin' it on, after all these fears.

Twin truck blasts kill 50 in Iraq:

Bomb attacks killed 77 people in Iraq on Tuesday, including 50 who died in twin truck bombings in the north-western town of Tal Afar, police said.

Among other attacks, suspected al-Qaeda militants killed 21 people in bombings targeting police and Sunni Arab tribes who have formed an alliance against the militants, officials said.
Police Brigadier Karim Khalaf al-Jubouri said the bomber lured victims to buy wheat loaded on his truck. A second truck bomb exploded in a used car lot. The attacks wounded 120 people.

Sick mother'uckas.

Of course, Saddam, well, he was worse, don't you know?

And, you know what else? If we didn't facilitate this situation, then they'd be swimming to our shores and killing us and hatin' on our freedoms as they strolled about our neighbourhoods.

1 - Saddam, worse. Would of bombed us in our homes.
2 - Let 'em kill Iraqi's, so they don't kill us (in homes).

Monday, March 26, 2007

Downer hates soccer

SBS under pressure to not criticise, say staff:

SBS has come under public and private pressure over perceived left-wing bias from lobby groups and MPs, particularly those from the Coalition.

SBS's managing director, Shaun Brown, was grilled in a Senate committee hearing in February over the network's policy of not using the word "terrorist" where avoidable. Dateline was a "serial offender" of left-wing bias, a Liberal senator, Michael Ronaldson, told the committee.

Biased with facts, ay? Poor form. We all know the truth reads Marx at bedtime.

I guess if the modus operandi of your little political outfit is populist in style, it can be a little bit of a bummer when the public's knowledge of an issue makes it tricky to get their support on your corrupt and/or hamfisted actions.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The palace built from malice

Building an Embassy Fit for an Empire.

I've seen this stuff before and posted on it. Still, everytime I read an article on it I shake my head and gradually assume a pose of slack-jawed amazement.

Still, Saddam was worse or some sh*t...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Job surge

New job. No time to post right now. Will soon. Gotta go..

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why you break my shitty wall?

Nation of notoriously bad drivers are preparing to take over the World:

The 350 billion yuan ($58 billion) budget is spread around 2.3 million serving personnel requiring better gear and conditions, and an unknown number of pensioners and brigades of retired officers still clinging on to their living quarters, cars, drivers and servants.

But this may be only half or even a quarter of total defence spending, according to estimates by Western think tanks, and does not include purchases of combat equipment.

OK, even assuming the spend figure from the often proven to be completely incorrect 'Western think tanks' (see Iraq etc.), IS correct, the spend is still only half that of the United States of Shock and Awe.

The proposed budget for US spending on 'defense' as per Alternet:

The Department of Energy's "weapons activities" budget request totals $6.4 billion, a drop in the bucket compared to the Pentagon's $481.4 billion proposed budget. But the budget for new nukes is large and growing -- even in comparison to Cold War figures.

It'd be nice if fear mongering articles, such as Gawenda's SMH piece, spread the love a bit. Sure, China's build-up of 'defense' capabilities is a worry, but it is an even greater concern considering the rogue nations that are way ahead of them AND have proven a willingness to utilise their forces in efforts which can hardly be described as defense (unless you're a shill and/or an idiot).

Of course, Reagan ended the Cold War. I understand this is where he first used the phrase "Git'r done".

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kissin' the guns

Iran, you sorry saps, you're f*ckin' NEXT!

KAREN KWIATKOWSKI: You know, I think the, one of the big reasons that Bush and Cheney think they can do Iran is that they believe, well, they’re hearing from the Air Force and the Navy, two of the three main branches of our military, the two that have been left out of the glory of Iraq, you see. And those guys want a piece of the action, and so they’re advertising to the Administration and publicly, I mean you can read it for yourself, the Air Force and the Navy have targets they believe they can overwhelmingly hit their targets, deep penetration, possibly nuclear weapons, I mean, nothing is off the table as Dick Cheney says “nothing is off the table.”

Oh man, this is gonna be great. I can't WAIT to see all of them pictures of kids n'babies n'that, all blown up and bleedin' and stuff. This is gonna be great. I'm stocking up on coco pops and buildin' a pillow fort in front of the TV, pronto!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Media Pundit Makeover: Cannon to Political Fodder

I always knew in the abstract that they'd lie about anything, but the actual sound of their claws scraping those barrel-bottoms can still send a chill up my spine.

Still, its important to remember, Kerry reckons the US troops are dumb.