Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fresh meat to hurl from your soapbox

Iraq bombs slaughter dozens, US toll passes 100:

BAGHDAD -- A bomb ripped through a crowd of Shiite laborers Monday, one of six attacks in Baghdad that killed at least 36 people, as the monthly death toll for the US-led coalition in Iraq hit 105.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo hacked attention span having fools in Australia are arguing over whether or not some religious nutter should be deported or, not.

Its a freakshow, folks.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


1, 2.. check. whew!

Wettin' the bed

Juan Cole:

In Khan Bani Saad, Diyala Province, a guerrilla force attacked a police unit. AP says, "Intense house-to-house fighting between insurgents and Iraqi police north of Baghdad killed 43 people, including 24 officers, the U.S. military said on Friday. U.S. troops later joined the fight, aiding in a counterattack that left 18 insurgents dead, the military said." A civilian was also killed, so 44 persons died in this intensive warfare. The US not only diverted men to the fight there, but they in turn called in close air support. This battle sounds major for Iraq, where engagements tend to be hit and run and more limited.

Eerie calm in Baghdad as Al Qaeda vows victory:

The US-led coalition has denied losing control of the situation, but Thursday military spokesman General William Caldwell said that the marines based in Ramadi were engaged in a tough operation to "take back" the city.

Coalition of the Willing.. love your work.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The most underrated

On AM this morning:

"None of us want to stay in Iraq any longer than necessary, but if the coalition were to pull out of Iraq now it would be an unqualified victory for the terrorists," he (PM John Howard) said.

A victory for the terrorists?

Way to hand a victory to a group that had very little to do with it (btw. the game is over, the players are just waiting for the Ref to blow the whistle).

Who needs propaganda when you have desperate politicians like this clown talking up the supposed success of your efforts.

The Mahdi army and Sunni militias and co. may feel a little hard done by.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An inconceivable truth

Well, it seems my belief that us humans were affecting the planet’s environment was incorrect.

A belief derived from the opinions of many scientists, based on their research.

Damn you mendacious sciency folk! You’ve made me look the fool. At least a much bigger one than usual (like that time in March ’03 when I said the US would be in Iraq for at least 5 years, likely 10. Boy, do I have egg on my face).

In the past month or so, the Howard Gov’t have started getting all nuts’n berries on us and freakin’ out about the state of the environment. As far as a shift in policy direction goes this ain’t no U-turn, more like a rally style hand-brakie, with similar amounts of wheel spinning, dust generation and flying gravel associated with such manoeuvres.

Spectacular action!

But, based on past performance, it is highly likely that the Howard Gov’t is wrong and/or lying out of their o-rings about the existence of global warming (and its equally unamusing spin-offs) is one, too.

ergo: Global Warming does not exist and/or its effects are being overstated.

I have now joined the global warming skeptics club.. and I tell ya, it feels great.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I used to love her

Liberated from the Crikey email.

When they stand up.. we'll stand 'em up.

US troops protect former minister after jail sentence:

Baghdad: US troops took a former Iraqi minister who holds US citizenship from a Baghdad court yesterday after he was sentenced to two years in jail for misusing public money, Iraqi officials said.

The troops whisked Ayham Al Samarraie, a Sunni Arab who served in the first post-war interim government of Prime Minister Eyad Allawi, from the courtroom in the central criminal court building after he expressed fears for his life, the officials said.

C-l-assic example of.. a.. date rape.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Allah's lil'sleepers

Check this...

A couple of non-Muslims busted with a heap of explosives and some kind of plan to use the stuff. TD over at RtS makes a fair observation:

Also, I thought it was interesting that these conservative wannabe-bombers (alleged) were charged under an 1883 explosives substances law and not one of Tony Blair’s freshly minted anti-terrorism laws.

No wonder so few consider it to be news.

Mega-Streisand, attack!!

Another reason why Bush and his crooked gang are a bunch of crooked crooks..

Babs goes postal:

"Come on, be polite!" the well-known liberal implored during the sketch as she and "Bush" exchanged zingers. But one heckler wouldn't let up. And finally, Streisand let him have it.

"Shut the f--- up" Streisand bellowed, drawing wild applause. "Shut up if you can't take a joke!"

Excellent. Never have been a fan, but now I might just join one of those biker clubs that wear leathers, hang out playing Babs records and don't actually ride or even own a motorbike.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Al Capone argument

Democrats: Yes to War, No to Pedophilia!

Without for a moment minimizing the vile acts of Mark Foley, it is shameful that Congressional Democrats have staked their election-year strategy as an "opposition party" around opposing the acts of a lone Republican sexual predator, while assisting Republicans in whipping up a bi-partisan xenophobic frenzy.

In the final days of this pre-election Congressional session (before breaking for five-weeks of campaigning), 12 Senate Democrats joined 53 Republicans to endorse Bush's anti-terrorism legislation intended to allow evidence acquired through torture. Twenty-six Democrats (including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) also joined Republicans to overwhelmingly pass a draconian bill calling for construction of a 700-mile wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, in a vote of 80 to 19.

If the Democrats were in power over the last 6 years, how many wars would the US be involved in?

They'd certainly be in Afghanistan, maybe not Iraq. All up, foreign policy would be different in face only.

Much like Oz, where the ALP would have followed the US in the same way the Libs have.

Rest assured, thousands killed while blowing up countries, but when either party is on point, no fat old men will be allowed to f*ck young boys.. openly.