Thursday, June 15, 2006

Where's the remote?

Anger as gay civil union ban upheld:

ACT Liberal senator Gary Humphries crossed the floor to vote with the opposition and minor parties against his own colleagues.

That made him the first Liberal senator to vote against the government in its 10 years in office.

However Family First Senator Steve Fielding voted with the government, giving it the numbers to comfortably defeat the motion.

What a bunch of reactionary, conservative, freakin' nutjobs. Ruddock, you suck. Howard, suck. In fact, (with apologies to NMS's Bigg Jus) I'm gonna put my nut-sac in a banana daquiri so that it shrinks from the ice, then expand it in Ruddock's mouth. Depending on how I'm feeling, I may just give Howard a taste, too.

What the f*ck do these people care about how others live their lives? I'm lost. Why do they want to gain entry into your lounge room so they can grab the tv remote and change it to the channel they want to watch (or just stop you from watching what you want)?

What happened to these people in the past that they now want to control those aspects of other people's lives that have no bearing on anyone but those people?

Well, Howard is an ugly and deaf adulterer.. but Ruddock, looks cadaverous, sure, but what is his f*ckin' problem man!?!